WordEke Frustration-Free Word Game

WordEke (pronounced word-ek-a) is a word-square game like no other. You can choose the difficulty of words used and how much help you receive in finding the right letter combinations.

It's great fun and educational whether you've just started learning English or are a native speaker with an extensive vocabulary.

A range of US & UK dictionaries can be selected, ranging in size from 850 basic English words to almost 350,000 words and common abbreviations. (You can suggest changes to our standard and unabridged dictioanries using the form below.)

WordEke is free on all platforms.


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The WordEke app help page is available here. If you're still having trouble, see Support, below.


Get in touch if you have any questions or problems. Simply email us at 'support' (using the domain name above) or visit our main site and use the enquiry form.

Dictionary Updates

Suggest updates to the standard or unabridged dictionaries (the basic and Scrabble dictionaries are not subject to change). Please bear in mind that we will only include words that appear in published dictionaries - Chambers, Collins, Merriam-Webster, Oxford or similar. Words that are present only in online wikis such as Wiktionary will not be included. Note also that we do not include potentially offensive words in either of these dictionaries.

Fill out the form below to suggest dictionary updates. All fields are mandatory with the exception that you do not have to suggest both entries to add and remove.

One final point - all dictionary entries are single words, in lower case with no punctuation or special characters.


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